Company profile

Head office

Destin Co., Ltd.

Head office

44 Nu, Matsumuramachi Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0347
Tel: +81-76-225-8000
Fax: +81-76-225-8700


Distribution Center

62 Nu, Matsumuramachi Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0347
Tel: +81-76-266-8788
Fax: +81-76-266-8789



February 1976

Legal representative

Masayuki Kitamoto, president


30 million yen


Higashiko Refrigeration Co., Ltd.


7-5840-12 Higashiko, Seiryomachi, Kitahanbara-gun, Niigata 957-0101
Tel: +81-25-256-1611
Fax: +81-25-256-1615


March 2002

Legal representative

Naoki Kanbayashi, president


10 million yen

Business lines

Refrigerated warehousing

Business outline

Sakaki business

Destin is specialized in the sale of sakaki, and commands the top share of the Japanese sakaki market in volume.
To continue to meet demand from our customers for attractive, long-lasting sakaki, our product is harvested immediately before sale, and maintained under a quality-control stance that our competitors cannot match. We have earned high marks from our customers for our unique system that enables us to ship the exact amount needed at the exact time it is needed.
We install the latest equipment, such as automatically displaying the name of an incoming customer call on the PC monitor when the telephone rings, further streamlining customer service. Our computerized system also lets us keep realtime tabs on shipment status and the location of shipments in progress, saving our customers time and trouble.
Our policy is to always put the customer first. Our commitment to the highest quality and our determination to further improve our service translates to customer satisfaction.


Food business

We handle a variety of foodstuffs, including canned chestnuts in syrup and frozen gingkos.
We also provide a range of food processing services to meet diverse customer needs.

Food packaging business

We handle the full range of leaves used for packaging special traditional food products sold throughout Japan, providing lengths, sizes and special cuts to match customer needs.

Real estate leasing business

To further stabilize the corporate financial state we also lease out properties owned by the company.
Residential condominiums Destin No. 11 and No. 12, located near Kanazawa Station, are popular with both families and single residents. Destin No. 12 is located especially close to the station, and has parking for
83 cars.
The Destin Matsumura Building, situated close to the Ishikawa Prefectural Government Offices, is a stylish office building, with complete underground packing facilities and all-granite finish.
All of our buildings offer excellent residential environments and easy access, contributing to their popularity.

  • DESTIN No.11ビル
  • DESTIN No.12ビル
  • デスタン松村ビル